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Incentives for new high-rise construction – multi-family homes

These incentives are for multi-family homes (four or more stories).

Mass Save sponsors are promoting energy-efficient homes in newly constructed high-rise buildings in Massachusetts. There are many incentives available for newly constructed buildings if they meet the required eligibility standards.

How Incentives Are Calculated

Whether you are replacing equipment with energy-efficient machines in the residential units or in common areas, there are incentives available. They are awarded based on the annual amount of energy saved, which is determined by the amount of natural gas and electric fuel savings. These are modeled by account managers and compared to a baseline, as well as confirmed in the construction documents.

Participants in the Mass Save program should contact a representative during the design development so that they can receive the support and guidance they need to become eligible for the most incentives possible.

The Mass Save representatives will guide you along the process to make sure that the energy-saving measures you take help qualify you for rebates and incentives. They will be able to provide you with technical support throughout the construction phase. Program participants should be able to provide detailed information regarding plans, specifications, and licenses.

Are You Eligible?

Participants must meet the following eligibility requirements for the maximum number of incentives:

  • Buildings of four stories or more (both residential and mixed-use) that are newly constructed or greater than 50% gutted and rebuilt
  • Must be within a sponsor’s customer territory ((Cape Light Compact JPE, Eversource, National Grid, or Unitil)
  • If your building is below four stories but has a master-metered HVAC system, it is also eligible.
  • Extra incentives are available for buildings with five or more units that can also achieve Passive House Certification.

Available incentives may change based on the performance of projects. Requirements and incentives are subject to change and may vary year to year.

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