Infrared Camera Scan

The infrared (IR) scan is a method to know the type and degree of insulation present in the home. It is good for the customer to keep an eye on this element of the home energy assessment so they can view the images on the screen. If the Energy Specialist runs a blower door test, the infrared camera is used first so that the blower door does not create the desired temperature difference. Per manufacturer specifications, a minimum temperature difference between the inside of the home and the outside of the home is suggested to have an accurate picture of the heat loss. When using the IR camera from inside the home while the outside temperature is cold, the wall framing should seem warmer than the cavities if the walls do not have insulation. If the walls are insulated, the wall framing should seem cooler than the cavities.

The Energy Specialist must be cautious of circumstances where the sun or other heat source and older reflective foil insulation, which could distort or reverse the images, warm the walls. Infrared scans are better to be done in the morning while it is still cold outside and before the sun shines.

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