Personnel Qualifications

Only fully trained and certified Energy Specialists are allowed to do a comprehensive assessment of the home. All staff should be given ongoing training to modernize their skills and expertise of new and developing program elements besides sales and presentation skills. 

Program administrators and/or vendors might need further training or certifications.

  • Training/Certification

Staff and Mass Save contractor training is important to run a technically demanding and effective energy conservation program statewide.

The goals of the training/certification for the program are:

  • Vendors to provide continuous staff training 
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification
  • Web resources
  • Staff Training by Vendors

As per the program, it is confirmed that the program vendor will keep providing training for Energy Specialists. The Mass Save program, based on reliable baseline standards and/or certification levels to confirm that HES Energy Specialists are adopting a comprehensive whole-house approach and that those customers, irrespective of where they live in the Commonwealth, are getting consistent service and information. 

  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification 

All-Energy Specialists are required by the program to receive and maintain suitable Building Analyst BPI certification for supporting a whole-house building science approach to home energy evaluation and examination. Employees of BPI-accredited contractors have 6 months from the time they start doing energy assessments to get the certification. Employees of entities that are not BPI-accredited must get the certification before they start doing energy assessments. Moreover, at least one staff member in the energy assessment vendor’s company operating in the Massachusetts Home Energy Services program be BPI Envelope Professional certified.

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