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Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment focuses on on-site services delivery to residential customers, helping them implement the best energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. 

The customer can assess home Energy Assessment through different mechanisms, including a direct referral via Mass Save phone number, or from a Program Administrator, Program Vendor, trade ally, and/or social media/marketing channel. 

The Home Energy Assessment (HEA) assesses the related energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in the home. The service is fuel-neutral, i.e. the end-uses are examined irrespective of the fuel used. The HEA adopts a whole-house approach focused substantially on the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® model (HPwES) and aims to assess the residence including a building’s heating, HVAC and DHW systems, lighting, thermal envelope, and appliances assessment. 

Currently, the Program Administrators necessitate that approved Home Energy Assessment Vendors make use of the Home Energy Assessment software tool as chosen by the relevant Lead Vendor.

Home Energy Assessment aims to help customers know the effects of relevant energy efficiency improvements and measures that can be executed in homes and to urge them to implement key measures. The Energy Specialist offers Instant Savings Measure (ISM) incentives, Energy Efficiency Incentives, and Renewable Energy Incentives to qualified customers besides the Home Energy Assessment. Customer qualification is based on Program Administrator offerings and key heating fuel.

The program is designed for the customer to accompany the Energy Specialist in the inspection of the building as required to enable awareness during the visit. The Energy Specialist is responsible to consider the safety of the customer during the visit and not putting the customer at stake. The customer is given a report and/or agreement for work that explains the efficiency of the building that lists measures. If required, the Energy Specialist will do the necessary paperwork for required incentives. 

Third-party Quality Control inspections are done on the percentage of Home Energy Assessments to confirm that Energy Specialists are offering the service as specified.

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