6.1. The pricing of the work will be as per the Unit Price for each kind of Work prescribed in Attachment 2, “Schedule of Unit Prices.” Pricing included in Attachment 2 will be set by Abode before any assignment given to HPC of the Customer Contract or, if the added to the Customer Contract through a written Change Order, such pricing can be negotiated between Abode and HPC. 

6.2. The Unit Prices given in Attachment 2 include all labor, benefits, materials, equipment, transportation, storage, overhead, permits, applicable federal, state, and local sales costs, service and excise taxes, other expenses, and profit related to the Work. 

6.3. Abode will release payment to HPC for each completed Home Energy Assessment (“HEA”), including all Assessment Work needed during the HEA, done under this Agreement, as per Attachment 2, “Schedule of Unit Prices.” 

6.4. Immediate Saving Measures installed piece rate by HPC as per Program guidelines during an Assessment Work engagement will be priced as per (“Immediate Saving Measures”) of Attachment 2, which pricing might be revised by Abode from time to time. 

6.5. Installation Work as per Customer Contract is priced as per the Unit Prices given in Attachment 2 as fitting about the sponsoring Utility, which prices can be revised by Abode from time to time. 

6.6. From time to time, the Utility can give more offerings to the Customer as part of the HEA. In such cases, as applicable, Abode will give training and/or mention in writing to all Home Performance Contractors about such expanded offerings, qualification requirements, and pricing under the Program. 

6.7. Abode may change Attachment 2, as to both the detailed measures included and unit pricing, any time during the term of this Agreement, and such alteration shall be effective from the time the change is communicated to the HPC via the remainder of the term. 

6.8. HPC will not expressively use any faulty, second quality, or old materials. 

6.9. The prices as mentioned in Attachment 2 cannot be changed at any time without the consent from Abode taken in advance in writing. 

6.10. HPC might get the materials from its sources for weatherization work; if, though, that for Installation Work under this Agreement or any Customer Contract, HPC will not utilize materials for which HPC’s supplier has got or expects to get a subsidy of any type from the Utility. HPC shall make these queries of its suppliers as might be essential to determine if the supplier has got or expects to get such a subsidy. 

6.11. HPC is required to get all materials essential to do the lighting-related measures, Wi-Fi thermostats, and power strips mentioned in (Immediate Saving Measures) of Attachment 2. All materials got from other sources must meet program eligibility requirements.

 6.12. If HPC faces a combustion safety test failure, Abode will repay the HPC its rational costs, up to the limit stated in Attachment 2, “Schedule of Unit Prices,” for a return visit for retesting the combustion appliances.

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