Prohibited Conduct

9.1. HPC will keep all information confidential. 

9.2. While the execution of Work hereunder, HPC will not do or offer to do work or services not covered by the contract’s scope, without the advance written consent of Abode. 

 9.3. Any Abode-approved stuff including materials, labor, equipment, supplies, or services that HPC shows to Customer that is above the approved Customer Contract, will be subject to the separate contract or purchase order between HPC and the Customer directly, and to which neither Abode nor the Utility is a party. HPC will not offer any products or services to any Customer before getting prior approval from Abode for the same.  

9.4. Except for the unpaid Customer Share recognized by Abode in the Customer Contract, HPC will not charge a Customer or send the invoice directly for any Work or services where HPC is compensated, by Abode or the Utility, either fully or partially, under this Agreement.

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