Quality assurance & program sponsors


Quality Assurance (In-field Quality Assurance Inspections)

  • Customer Discussion
  • Visual Inspections and Diagnostic Tests
  • Inspection Documentation
  • Mass Contractor Follow-up

The program intends to carry out the on-site in-process and post-installation quality assurance inspections for all the major installations.

All on-site inspections issues must be promptly addressed and rectified before releasing the Mass Contractor payment.  


Mass Save Contractor’s evaluation is done throughout the program year and the evaluation factors include work quality, customer service, and quality of program documentation. Mass Save Contractors should be ready for unscheduled QA evaluations for a minimum of 10 percent of the project work. This is besides a standard Final Inspection carried out for the whole work. 

Final Inspectors, Field Supervisors, Program Managers, and/or the Quality Control Department, do the evaluation using a standard evaluation format (see Evaluation Form Attachment).

Mass Save Contractors who repeatedly have poor evaluations, and Mass Save Contractors who repeatedly get fails (excluding Assessor fails) on jobs, face probationary actions and additional training as per the PA Vendor. Mass Save Contractor who fail to show any improvement after the probationary period are put under suspension and/or termination as UTILITY Approved Mass Saved Contractors. 

Moreover, Mass Save Contractors who don’t use deadlines consistently, have a high number of customer complaints and don’t fulfill the warranty obligations face suspension and/or termination.


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