a. Mass Save ® is the mutual collaborative of Massachusetts’ service provides for natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency, which helps associated customers (“Customers”), conserve energy (the “Program”). 

b. Massachusetts Electric Company d/b/a National Grid, Boston Gas Company d/b/a National Grid, Colonial Gas Company d/b/a National Grid, and Nantucket Electric Company d/b/a National Grid (the “Utility”) has hired Abode as a Lead Vendor under the Program aimed to serve the Utility’s customers, which includes hiring and management of Home Performance Contractors, including HPC, under the Program. 

c. The Program directs the HPC to carry out home energy assessments (“Assessment Work”) and being in contracts with Customers (called a “Customer Contract”) for installation services to enhance the energy performance of a Customer’s home (“Installation Work”). Assessment Work and Installation Work are collectively called the “Work” as per the Agreement. 

d. HPC will participate in the Program and carry out all Work under the Program as per the terms and conditions established as follows:

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