Relationship of the Parties

2.1. The parties of the Agreement are Abode and HPC only, and the Utility shall not be interpreted to be a party to this Agreement. For Work done by HPC under the Program, HPC is entitled to seek payment or other recourse as per this Agreement only from Abode, and just to the limit of amounts Abode has got from the Utility as per such work done by HPC under the Program.

 2.2. For amounts legally outstanding for the HPC from a Customer as per the valid Customer Contract, HPC is entitled to the payment for the same from the Customer, and not from Abode or the Utility. All Customer Contracts formed by HPC under the Program, including all Work orders, will be as per the format provided by Abode and would include only the terms specifically approved by Abode. HPC will not alter, waive, or improve such terms or formats without Abode’s uttered written consent, to be given before carrying out such Work. 

2.3. HPC is an autonomous contractor and not Abode’s agent or employee, the Utility, or any of their individual affiliates. HPC, and its officers, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assigns, will not hold itself out as, nor claim to be acting on behalf of, Abode, the Utility, or the Mass Save ® Program, nor will make any claim, demand, or request for any right or privilege appropriate to the Utility.

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