New Year’s Resolution: Spend Less, Save More

2021 spend less save more

2021 is coming up and it’s safe to say that everyone is looking forward to a better year than 2020.

With the future now being more uncertain than ever, and New Year’s resolutions being set left and right, one of the best ways that you can make 2021 a better year is to save money!

In particular, start your resolutions by preparing your home for a financially successful 2021!

To help you on your journey to a better financial future, here are 5 important yet simple ways that you can save money in 2021.

1. Shop Wisely and Search for Cheaper Alternatives

Do you really need every item that you’re buying? Probably not.

We tend to easily fall for advertisements and the excitement of new products, clothes, and services. However, unnecessary shopping expenses can quickly pile up and cause you to lose a lot of money in the long run.

Supermarkets, online stores, and a bombardment of discounts are an easy trigger to swipe your card, but instead of falling to your usual shopping behavior, take a step back and think about your purchases in 2021.

  • Clothes – Consider only shopping for essential garments. With the way things are currently going with the pandemic, there won’t be many parties or glamorous events to go to any time soon, so don’t spend on clothes that you won’t need.
  • Gadgets – Unless they are necessary for your work or home safety, stay away from new gadget releases that will only bring you a short sense of happiness.
  • Home decor – Skip it entirely. Work on keeping your home clean certainly, but don’t plan any unnecessary renovations in a time when none of us are sure how much money we’ll need to make it through the new year.

2. Keep A Weekly Shopping List

By carefully planning your household food for the week, you can save a lot of money by not buying unnecessary comfort food or snacks.

Instead, plan a healthy meal plan for the week that will boost your immune system and provide your body with the energy and nourishments that will help to protect you against a flu or the dreadful pandemic.

3. Cancel Subscriptions and Stop Unnecessary Credit

It’s easy to get caught up in subscriptions that you don’t really need any more. Check your bank balance before the new year and cancel any subscriptions that are not absolutely necessary for your home.

Also, make it a habit to no longer purchase anything on your credit account unless there is no way around it. Credit can pile up quickly and it takes a long time to pay off, which is an uncertainty that you really don’t need in 2021.

4. Develop Energy-Saving Habits In Your Home

Put more thought into how you spend the energy and resources in your home.

Do you leave the water on for too long? Are the lights on in rooms all the time? Is the TV on all day even if no one is watching it?

These are all small things that easily pile up into high bills at the end of the month. Make an effort to consciously use the energy in your home and turn things off whenever they are not in use. You’d be amazed by how much you can save on utility bills with this simple habit.

5. Upgrade the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Get an expert evaluation of your home to find out how its energy efficiency can be improved. Best of all, it costs you nothing! In addition, you’ll discover numerous no-cost upgrades you could be eligible for. With the reduced energy consumption that will result, you’ll benefit from savings every month on your lower utility bills.

Thanks to our partnership with Mass Save®, we’re able to provide free energy-efficiency incentives across Massachusetts and help people lower their energy bills.

Sign up for Neeeco’s no-cost virtual home energy assessment to find out how you can shoot your energy savings through the roof. Call (781) 309-7540 or contact us today to schedule your no-cost home energy assessment with Neeeco.