How to Keep the Cold Out of Your House with New Insulation

family in a warm home, mother and child playing

Winter has arrived in Massachusetts and it looks like it’s going to be a cold one! If you want to stay warm without spending a fortune on heating costs this winter, installing more insulation is one of the best decisions you can make. Insulation stops heat from escaping your home so you can keep your home warm using less heat.


To understand how insulation works in the winter, it’s helpful to understand how heat moves. According to the laws of thermodynamics, heat will always move from warmer areas to colder ones. This means, in the winter, the heat inside your home is constantly trying to escape to the colder temperatures outside. That’s where insulation comes in. 


Insulation acts as a thermal barrier that slows down the transfer of heat. In the winter, it keeps the heat from your furnace, boiler, or heat pump contained inside your home—the same way a winter coat keeps your body heat contained so you stay warm. To be effective, insulation needs to be installed in several areas throughout your home, including inside your walls, in your attic, and in your basement. 


Insulation Works Better with Air Sealing

Insulation is incredibly effective at slowing down conductive heat transfer (heat moving through materials, like your walls). But many types of insulation can’t do anything to stop convective heat transfer (heat that moves through the air). To control this type of heat movement, you need to air seal. 

Air sealing is the process of finding and closing up any gaps and cracks in your home that let air travel freely in and out. These openings are usually found in your attic and basement, though they can be located anywhere in your home, including around doors and windows, around plumbing and wire penetrations, and around your chimney. To close them up, a sealant like spray foam insulation is used. 

Together, insulation and air sealing keep your home warmer in the winter and reduce energy loss, so you can save on your heating bills.

Does Your Home Need Better Insulation?

If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, you likely need more insulation in your home: 

  • It’s cold inside even with the heat on 
  • Temperatures are inconsistent from room to room
  • You feel cold drafts in your house 
  • You have ice dams on your roof in the winter 
  • Your energy bills are higher than they should be 

An experienced insulation contractor can help you solve these problems by evaluating your insulation and making the necessary improvements. As a certified Mass Save® partner, Neeeco offers No-Cost Mass Save Energy Assessments, which include an insulation evaluation. We’ll determine whether you need new insulation and recommend the right upgrades for your home. 

Save 75-100% on Insulation Costs with Mass Save Insulation Incentives

The Sponsors of the Mass Save program are making it easier and more affordable for Massachusetts residents to save energy and money with energy-saving upgrades like insulation installation. You could qualify for incentives through Mass Save worth 75-100% off the cost of your insulation installation, and no-cost air sealing! To find out more, schedule your No-Cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment with Neeeco. We are a leading local insulation company near you and we’re proud to be a Mass Save partner.

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