Mass Save’s® New Replacement Window Incentives are Here! 

two guys installing a window in a new building.

Are your old, leaky windows driving up your energy costs? According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, windows can be responsible for as much as 45% of the heat loss that happens in a home during the winter! 

If you’re due for a window replacement, Mass Save can help. The new Mass Save window incentives make it easier to qualify for window rebates. You may also qualify for federal window incentives, which can help you save even more money on your window replacement costs. 

Keep reading to find out what’s changing with Mass Save window rebates and how you can qualify for savings! 

What’s Changing: New Mass Save Window Rebates for 2024 

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer a $75-per-window rebate to Massachusetts residents who replace their single-pane windows with qualifying energy efficient windows*. The rebate is staying the same for 2024, but more replacement window options will qualify. In the past, you had to install a triple-pane ENERGY STAR-certified window to be eligible for a Mass Save window rebate. Now, you can choose any window that’s on the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient certified windows list. 

How to Qualify for Mass Save Window Rebates in 2024 

To qualify for Mass Save window rebates, the windows you replace must be verified by an Energy Specialist during a no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment. These are the general steps you must take to be eligible for rebates: 

  • Have windows verified during a Home Energy Assessment 
  • Replace existing single-pane windows 
  • Install ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient certified windows
  • Submit rebate form and documentation 

Neeeco is a Mass Save partner and we can help you take advantage of window rebates! Schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment today to get started. Our Energy Specialists will verify any windows that are eligible for rebates in your home and identify any other energy-saving opportunities that may be available and qualify for rebates. We’ll walk you through the rebate process and answer any questions you have so you can upgrade your home and get your rebate. 

More Ways to Save: Federal Tax Credit for Replacement Windows 

The federal government offers a tax incentive for window installations which you can stack with Mass Save rebates to maximize your savings! Even if you don’t qualify for Mass Save window rebates, you may still be eligible for the federal window tax credit. 

Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credit for Replacement Windows 

Many energy efficiency upgrades qualify for the Energy Efficient Home Improvement tax credit, including window replacements. The credit is worth 30% of your total eligible project costs, with an annual maximum of $600 for replacement windows. You claim the credit when you file your federal tax return for the year you installed your windows, reducing what you owe by up to $600. 

Are New Windows Worth It? 

Replacing your windows is a big project, and even with all the savings available, you may be wondering if it’s really worth it to replace your house windows. The answer is a resounding yes. Not only do ENERGY STAR windows save energy and money, but they can also make your home more comfortable. 

Here’s why you should consider a window replacement for your home: 

  • Energy savings – A typical home can expect savings of $101 to $583 a year when replacing single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient certified models. 
  • Comfort – New windows can reduce cold drafts and make your home a more comfortable place to live. 
  • Protection – High-efficiency windows block UV rays and can prevent sun damage to your floors, carpets, and furniture. 
  • Environmental impact – Energy efficient windows save energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and shrinks your carbon footprint. 

Start Saving Today with Help from the Energy Experts at Neeeco 

Ready to start saving energy and money? Neeeco is here to help! We are an energy efficiency specialist that’s helped hundreds of Massachusetts residents upgrade their homes, and we are proud to be a Mass Save partner. To learn more about window rebates and to find out if you’re eligible for savings, schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment today. It’s the first step toward savings! 

*Some restrictions apply. Offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit for full details.

Save $75 per window with Mass Save replacement window rebates. Call (781) 309-7540 or schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment online now.