The Ultimate Guide to Improving Energy Efficiency in Your Home

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Improving your home’s energy efficiency reduces your energy consumption and can help you save money on your energy bills. 

Neeeco is a trusted energy efficiency company and Mass Save® partner that is committed to helping Massachusetts residents save energy and money. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient and how you can save on upgrades with Mass Save incentives and HEAT Loan financing.

What Is Energy Efficiency & Why Does It Matter?

Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same task and produce the same result. Energy efficient houses and apartment buildings use less energy for heating, air conditioning, water heating, and powering electronics and appliances while maintaining a high level of comfort and safety for their occupants. 

There are many benefits to improving energy efficiency in a home: 

  • Less fossil fuel consumption 
  • Lower energy costs 
  • Better air quality and comfort 
  • Fewer safety risks 

Start with a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

There are a lot of energy efficient home improvements you can make, and it can be confusing to know where to begin. That’s why we start every energy-saving project with a no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment

A Home Energy Assessment is an easy and convenient way to uncover the energy-saving opportunities that exist in your home. During your no-cost assessment, we’ll look at your insulation, HVAC system, water heater, and much more to find places where you could be saving energy and money. At the end of your assessment, you’ll receive a detailed report and information about the energy efficiency rebates and incentives you may be eligible for to help you pay for upgrades.

Insulation & Air Sealing Save Energy Year-Round

Insulation and air sealing are two of the most important aspects of an energy efficient home. They work together to reduce heat and air transfer into and out of your indoor living space. 

In the winter, insulation and air sealing trap heat inside and stop cold air from coming in so you can stay warm and use less energy to heat your home. In the summer, they work in reverse, blocking heat out and keeping cool air in. Proper insulation and air sealing can lead to: 

  • Reduced energy use 
  • Lower energy bills 
  • More control over temperature and humidity 
  • Better indoor air quality 
  • Less outside noise intrusion

Mass Save Insulation & Air Sealing Incentives

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer generous weatherization rebates to help you insulate and air seal your home. You may be eligible for 75-100% off insulation and no-cost air sealing. Schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment to learn more.*

Ductless Mini Splits Provide Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling

Old, inefficient HVAC systems use a lot of energy and can drive up your heating and cooling costs significantly. Upgrading to an ultra-efficient mini split heat pump system can help you save energy and make your home more comfortable, too. 

Heat pumps work by moving heat from one place to another instead of burning fuel to create heat. This is a much more efficient process that saves energy. But heat pumps don’t just heat—they also cool. During the summer, heat pumps remove heat from your home the same way an air conditioner does (in fact, air conditioners are a type of heat pump). In the winter, heat pumps can reverse the process to bring heat indoors. 

Mini split heat pumps have the added benefit of being ductless. They can be installed almost anywhere in your home and deliver heated or cooled air directly into the rooms that need it. You can use a ductless heat pump system for whole-home or partial-home heating and air conditioning. 

Save up to $10,000 with Mass Save Heat Pump Rebates

Mass Save rebates make it easier and more affordable to install a heat pump system. If you schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment and make the recommended weatherization improvements, you may be eligible for up to $10,000 in heat pump rebates. Heat pump installation may also qualify for zero-interest HEAT Loan financing.*

Energy Efficient Windows Stop Drafts & Save Energy

If you have old, leaky, single-pane windows in your home, energy is flying out of them! Energy efficient windows improve energy efficiency and stop cold drafts in the winter so you can stay comfortable and save money. Energy efficient windows also have special low-emissivity coatings, which reduce UV damage to your carpets and furniture.

Mass Save Window Replacement Rebates 

When you replace single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR-certified triple-pane windows, you can receive a $75 rebate per window. Your windows must be verified for replacement during your no-cost Home Energy Assessment to qualify. Window replacements may also be eligible for zero-interest HEAT Loan financing.* 

*Some restrictions apply and offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit for full details.

Start saving energy and money! Call 781-309-7540 or schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment online now.