When Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

heat pump

Heat pumps are HVAC devices capable of providing both heating and cooling with efficient use of energy. However, their performance can deteriorate when they fail to function correctly. How do you tell if this happens and whether it’s time to begin shopping for a new one? Let’s find out how to determine whether your heat pump needs repair or is beyond repair.

How Old Is Your Heat Pump?

Typically, a heat pump is built to last approximately 10 to 15 years. If your heat pump is old, you shouldn’t attempt to repair it. Yes, you might be able to temporarily patch components to add more life to the unit, but eventually more components will need repair, and continuously repairing individual components will add up financially. 

If your heat pump is over 15 years old, it’s recommended that rather than attempt to repair it, you simply replace it. As heat pumps age they lose efficiency. Additionally, the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) for an older heat pump is likely to be lower than current regulations.

Are Your Energy Bills Rising?

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are increasing inexplicably, it’s likely an indication that your heat pump isn’t working at optimum capacity. Typically, it means that it is using more energy to do the same work. When your heat pump is struggling, it may be time to move past repairs and on to a replacement.

As your heat pump continues to age, more energy is used which costs you more money. These costs continue to increase the longer you own your old heat pump. As you deal with higher energy costs, you may want to consider speaking with a professional about replacing the unit.

Too hot? Too cold? Too loud?

If portions of your home are experiencing extreme temperatures like excessive heat or cooling conditions, your system isn’t working correctly. This could be an insulation issue, but it is more likely to be the inefficient operation of your heating and cooling system.

Some noise is expected with any system. However, if your system is getting excessively noisy,  it’s typically an indication of an issue with the internal portions of your heat pump. 

These are issues that require servicing and may warrant the replacement of the system.

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Ductless Mini-Split Is A Great Heating & Cooling Solution

When it’s time to replace your heating and cooling unit, you’ll want to take a look at ductless mini-split heat pumps. They are easy to install and energy efficient, saving you money on energy costs. Best of all, the Mass Save incentives could reduce the cost with rebates up to $10,000. Upgrade your home heating & cooling today.