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Ductless Heating & Cooling 

Comfort at any temperature anywhere

0% interest loan
Up to $3250 in rebates

Heat Pump operation

One device for all your temperature needs.

Ductless systems are one of the latest advancements in heating & cooling technology, capable of warming up or cooling off a room in any season.

A ductless system operates without the hassle of ductwork channeling airflow throughout the home. This makes them exceptionally convenient to install and efficient to operate.

Need more heat in a drafty room? Tired of lugging around heavy, noisy window air-conditioners every season? With a ductless system, it’s simple and easy to deliver heating and cooling to any room you want.

High Efficiency

Ductless systems are a very compelling economic option due their highly efficient operation. These systems follow ENERGY STAR® guidelines, making them more efficient than the minimum standards set by government


No Wasted Energy

Energy is not lost in ducts transporting air from the source to the destination. Instead, the air is conditioned in the very room which its used, so there’s no loss in efficiency.


High Efficiency Technology

These systems are up to 40% more efficient than window air conditioners


Zone Climate Control

This can be controlled by individual rooms. So if there is a room which is not being used, then energy can be saved by not heating/cooling that room.

Health and Comfort

There’s more to air quality than just hot and cold. Here’s some other ways a ductless system can improve both the comfort and health of your home:


Uniform Temperatures

With cutting-edge compressor technology, the system maintains optimal temperature without swings in range, along with energy savings up to 40% in comparison to air conditions.


Quiet Operation

Ductless systems are designed for whisper-quiet operation without the noisy components of traditional heating and cooling systems ensuring a peaceful stay.


Air Filtration

Equipped with a multi-part filtration system, our ductless systems stop pollutants, dust, bacteria, and other invisible contaminants ensuring clean air.

Looks and Appearances

Ductless systems are often immediately recognized by their visible head units mounted on a wall. While this is a common model, there are others to choose from as well.