Attic Access

  1. When the existing access to the attic is not available via the current opening, the same can be made from the exterior through attic vent openings, if possible. If not, then use the below criteria for access openings:
    • Surface Openings: Cut current wallboard halfway on two studs. When closing the opening, the new materials should be flush with current wall material and taped and covered with one coat of joint compound.
    • Plywood Openings: Cut current wall between two studs. Close opening with 1/2 plywood (G1S/AC) with four (4) 1 1/2″ x 8 flat head wood screws secured into studs.
    • Finish Openings: Cut current ceilings. Head off the opening. Install 2 1/2 casing around the rough opening. Make a 3/8″ reveal into the opening to get 1/2″ plywood (G1S-AC) to complete the opening. Plywood cover to be weather-proof and insulated. Casing to be mitered clearly. 
  2. In attics with current fiberglass batts, get rid of the batt in the last joist bay on any gable end or other perimeter configuration that flows perpendicular to strapping ends. This space should be firmly packed with blown-in cellulose or fiberglass wool having high air resistance to decrease cavity air movement at the inaccessible floor wall joint.

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