A Mass Save Contractor’s communication with the customer includes the following:

  1. Mass Save Contractors are expected to be polite with their customers.  
  2. Corresponding to the Contractor Participation Agreement terms, both the Customer and the PA vendor must be informed beforehand in case of any appointment rescheduling.   
  3. It is the Mass Save Contractor’s responsibility (before and during work) to keep the customer aware of all the work procedures and work items to be installed in the customer’s home. Program Specifications & Customer Guidance form should be signed by the customer pre-work. 
  4. The Mass Save Contractors must satisfy all the Customer’s questions, and in case of not knowing the answer, he/she should direct the Customer to the PA vendor. 
  5. Mass Save Contractors are responsible for inspecting the worksite beforehand, to identify and report any fragile item to the customer so that they can be moved to a safer location before working.  
  6. The customer’s permission is required to use the household’s restroom.  
  7. Customers must be kept up to date with estimated daily arrival, break, and departure times. 
  8.  Any unusual or problematic situations are to be documented and submitted immediately by the Mass Save Contractors.

Mass Save Contractor and Mass Save Program’s Communication: 

  1. Any form of communication from the Mass Save Program or the PA vendor is to be responded to promptly by the Mass Save Contractor.  
  2. The PA vendors must be informed promptly in case of any unusual or problematic situations, by documenting and submitting the situation immediately. 
  3. Mass Contractors are required to deal with and respond to problems promptly as they occur.  
  4. Any changes to staffing that may affect the authorization to work in the program must be communicated to the PA vendor immediately. This may include certifications, background checks, etc.

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