Contractor Actions Requiring Mass Save Response

  • Theft: 

May result in immediate expulsion or suspension as a Mass Save Approved Contractor, with full legal action against the perpetrator. The following (but not limited to) falls into the category of theft: 

  1. Any kind of charging for not installed materials to non-existing labor.  
  2. Inflating the actual cost for anything from materials to labor contributed. 
  3. Unauthorized removal of customer’s private property.
  •  Other Unacceptable Actions:

Other than theft, the following are some actions (but not limited to), which are completely abhorred by the Mass Save Program and may result in immediate expulsion or suspension of the Mass Save Contractor. By expulsion, it means that the Contractor will now need to attain additional training before reinstatement as a Mass Save Contractor again. 

  1. Charging clients for services while the job is open (one-year period). 
  2. Soliciting or working outside the scope of the relatable weatherization work. However, this clause does not apply to all Mass Save Contractors, as described below: 
  3. If the customer is acquired through the Mass Save program this clause would apply. 
  4. If the Mass Save Contractor brings the customer himself to the program as an IIC referral or through HPC customer acquisition, then this clause will not apply. However, some additional services might be required by being on a separate non-program contract with the customer. 
  5. Any kind of falsification of information regarding work requirements and delivered to Mass Save, PA vendor, or the CUSTOMER. 
  6. If the Mass Save contractor fails or refuses to improve his/her work deficiencies. 
  7. By using inferior quality material or mixing other impurities to degrade the material’s quality.  
  8. Repeatedly failing in meeting the designated deadlines. 
  9. Repeated poor performance in work. 
  10. Leaving the customer’s property in a hazardous state.

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