Insulation Baffles

  1. When soffit vents are installed or current, baffles shall be installed in the space linked to the soffit vents in such a way that the top plate can be insulated. Where possible, a clearance of 2″ from the top of the baffle to the underside of the roof sheathing shall be provided as per the local building codes. Blocking should be permanent, mechanically fastened at sides and bottom, and ensure the free movement of air through soffit vents into the attic, but not allow the air to “wind wash” the insulation and decrease its effectiveness. It should be stiff enough to restrain loose-fill insulation from obstructing the soffit vents at the eaves and hindering ventilation.
  2. Baffles installation should be as per work scope. These should enable air to flow from the soffit or knee wall area into a peak. Baffles must be mechanically fastened at the sides and bottom and be prudently fit with insulation packed in place at the bottom to stop wind intrusion into or under insulation. Flexible Styrofoam baffles can be applied for very low pitch roof areas.

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