Outside Assessment of the Home

The outside assessment of the home and area calculation determine the footprint of the home to make precise calculations of the insulated areas. These calculations and diagrams will be used to assist the insulation contractor during the installation and should be as precise as possible. Performing an external assessment of the home enables the Energy Specialist to have a 360-degree assessment of the home, including siding and ventilation, and precisely measure the whole home. Then, the Energy Specialist takes one full loop around the building, takes measurements, and draws a diagram of the home.  

The following is to be assessed from the outside of the home: 

  • Check the siding kinds on all sides and levels of the building. Check pre-1979 paint possibility. 
  • If there are attic insulation chances and the attic requires more ventilation, check the ways for the same. 
  • Look if there is any water intrusion into the building 
  • Check if there are any depressions in the ground along with the foundation, satisfactory slope away from the foundation, humidity around the foundation, and vegetation (moss, grass, shrubs, etc.) present.
  • Check for signs of water in window wells and bulkhead doors.
  • Condition of siding, grade, and other factors that can impact installation

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