Turn your home into a smart home with energy efficiency

smart house

Have you thought about adapting your house to a smart home?

Smart homes are the future of energy efficiency and home safety. Essentially, a smart home means that your house has a ‘smart home system‘, which connects your appliances through software. Typically, it is remotely controlled and it allows you to automate specific tasks around the home.

For example, you can monitor your home security system, your sprinklers, and your washing machine all from the same app. But what are the benefits of this new technology?

The Benefits of A Smart Home

There are several areas where a smart home is able to aid both the household and the budget. However, the most important area of help is energy efficiency.

Here are a few examples:

  • A smart home allows you to monitor and control the energy use in your house. You can automate the temperature, turn the lights on and off, adjust irrigation based on the weather, and open and close windows.
  • You have easy access to detailed reports of energy use around the house. These reports can help you become more energy-efficient and learn where you can save more money on your bills.
  • A smart home will pinpoint areas where too much energy is being used, which allows you to inspect these areas for potential faults or simply reduce the energy you spend in them.

A smart home system is how all of this is done. So, how does it work?

smart home

How Does A Smart Home System Work?

Often referred to as “the hub”, a smart home system is the core of your house. It can either be a wall-mounted unit or a program that can be accessed via the Internet.

The hub gathers unique information from each one of your smart devices or appliances and allows you to control them at the same time. Essentially, everything that makes up the energy and comfort of your home is now in one place.

There are different options on the market to choose from, but you should always stick to a smart home system that suits your house and your lifestyle. It depends on which ‘smart’ ideas you have about controlling what goes on in your home.

What Are Some Smart Home Ideas?

There are many ideas surrounding the use of smart homes. As technology advances, pretty much anything can be turned into a smart device. Here are some great examples:

  • Smart locks – Help you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, as well as keep an eye on anyone passing by.
  • Security alerts from smart devices – Your devices and appliances now have the ability to alert you if something is wrong or if they need maintenance. This could save you a lot of money in the long run and drastically reduce the possibility of an accident happening in your home.
  • Smart thermostat – A smart thermostat will actually learn your habits around the house and adjust the temperature accordingly. This is great for energy saving because it means that you won’t be heating or cooling an area unnecessarily.
  • Streamline your chores – With smart appliances, you can adjust when and how you want them to work all from the comfort of your smart home system. For example, your washing machine will be able to detect the cheapest time to use energy in your area, and will only turn on during these hours.

The possibilities may indeed seem endless with smart homes, but how do you get started?

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