What is the Mass Save Programs Energy Assessment?

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Massachusetts residents can receive huge savings from Mass Save® program, from rebates and discounts on different appliances to no-cost insulation services. 

Do you qualify?

It’s easy to qualify for Mass Save® benefits. Homeowners must have a one to four-bedroom home and receive the Mass Save® Program No-Cost Energy Assessment. What does this Energy Assessment consist of?

The No-Cost Home Energy Assessment Process

The home energy assessment is a comprehensive, detailed review of your home’s energy services. This review includes your home insulation, weatherization, appliances, and other elements. 

The purpose of the review is to find out which parts of your home are wasting energy, so meaningful adjustments can be made to move your home towards an energy-efficient property. Massachusetts has a goal of moving the whole state towards renewable energy. 

Receiving this assessment is mandatory to qualify for the Mass Save Program. Every homeowner will receive a personalized energy report detailing the findings and facts of the assessment. This report has a list of recommended upgrades you should consider for the home. 

The rebates you qualify for depend on the results of your assessment, plus a few other specific factors such as your household.

These assessments are only performed by licensed Mass Save® contractors, so you can trust the inspectors coming into your come. Best of all, the audit costs nothing, so you won’t receive any bill to learn of the savings available to you.

Benefits After Assessment

Besides the tips you’ll receive in the report, these are some of the more specific rebates and services you can get qualified for by completing this no-cost assessment. 

  • 75%-100% off of insulation installation and services on your home.
  • $3,000 in rebates on various energy-efficient upgrades for your home. This includes air conditioners, heat pumps, heating systems, and smart thermostat systems. 
  • Energy-saving power strips
  • Rebates for energy-saving devices such as refrigerators, washers,  dryers, and other major appliances. 

Incredibly, by receiving this already helpful no-cost assessment, you’ll qualify for nearly $10,000 in savings, rebates, and items.

Start saving today for long term savings tomorrow

Aside from these savings, upgrading your home to energy-efficient appliances continuously saves you money for the remainder of your home’s life. Schedule your assessment with a Neeeco contractor right away to fast track your way to huge utility bill savings and no-cost upgrades to your home. Learn more about how the Mass Save® program works from our FAQs. 

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