What’s the Value of a Home Energy Assessment? 

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If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money on your utility bills, a home energy assessment is the best way to start. A home energy assessment will show you where your house is losing energy so that you can make improvements to save energy and lower your bills. 

If you live in Massachusetts, you may be eligible for a no-cost home energy assessment from Neeeco thanks to the sponsors of the Mass Save® program! The Sponsors of the Mass Save program are helping residents in MA save energy and money with no-cost energy assessments, rebates, and incentives.

Is a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment Worth It?

A no-cost Mass Save home energy assessment is absolutely worth it. When you implement the changes recommended during your Mass Save home assessment, you can expect benefits like: 

Lower Energy Bills 

The less energy your home loses, the less energy you have to pay for! A Mass Save energy assessment helps you make the most effective improvements to your home’s efficiency so you minimize energy loss and save money on your bills. 

A More Comfortable Home 

If your home is losing a lot of heat in the winter and taking it on during the summer, you’re going to be uncomfortable. With a Mass Save energy assessment, you can find out how to insulate and air seal your home to keep your heat and AC contained, and how to upgrade to a more efficient heating and cooling system. As a result, you’ll be more comfortable at home all year long. 

Healthier Indoor Air 

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can lead to better indoor air quality. Proper insulation and air sealing help prevent moisture intrusion, reducing the risk of harmful mold growth. Air sealing can also stop outdoor air pollutants from entering your home, so your indoor air stays cleaner. 

A Smaller Carbon Footprint 

Saving energy is good for the planet! Making the upgrades recommended during your Mass Save energy assessment will help reduce your home’s carbon footprint, leading to a more sustainable future for all of us here in Massachusetts and around the world. 

You Can Save Thousands on Energy Efficiency Upgrades with Mass Save Incentives

The sponsors of Mass Save are making energy efficiency upgrades more affordable for homeowners throughout the Commonwealth. Through the Mass Save program, you can save thousands on qualifying energy efficiency upgrades, including insulation and air sealing, heat pump installation, and more. 

Some of the Mass Save rebates and incentives in 2022 include: 

  • No-cost home energy assessment 
  • 75%-100% off approved insulation 
  • No-cost air sealing 
  • Up to $10,000 mini split heat pump rebate 
  • Rebates for energy efficient appliances 

Massachusetts homeowners and landlords can also qualify for zero-interest HEAT Loan financing up to $25,000 for qualifying energy efficient home improvements, including energy efficient windows, heat pump installation, and heat pump water heater installation. 

Schedule Your No-Cost Energy Assessment with Neeeco Today

Scheduling a no-cost Mass Save home energy assessment with Neeeco is the first step toward receiving Mass Save energy efficiency rebates and incentives. We’re proud to be a Mass Save partner, and we’re committed to helping Massachusetts residents save money, save energy, and improve their homes. 

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