Why Is Fall the Best Time for a Home Energy Audit?

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When you think back to last winter, what do you remember most? If the first thought that comes to mind is paying expensive heating bills or having to wear a coat inside just to stay warm, you should schedule a No-Cost Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment this fall. 

Mass Save Home Energy Assessments identify the places where your house is losing energy so you can take the right steps to keep your home warm and your energy bills in check. There are many rebates and incentives available for energy efficiency upgrades thanks to the sponsors of the Mass Save program, so you save on the upgrades your home needs. 

Keep Your Home Warmer this Winter

An energy assessment identifies the places where your home is losing heat due to poor insulation and lack of air sealing so you can address the problem areas and make your home more comfortable. When you have your energy assessment completed in the fall, you’ll be able to make the recommended improvements to your insulation, air sealing, or heating system before the cold sets in—allowing you to stay warm and comfortable through the winter.

Save on High Winter Energy Bills

If your home is losing heat, you’re losing money! Finding out how and where heat is escaping from your home and making the recommended improvements to your insulation and air sealing will make it easier for your heating system to keep your home warm so you can use—and pay for—less energy this winter. Scheduling a Home Energy Assessment is one of the best ways to prepare for winter energy price spikes.

Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof in the Winter

Ice dams are a sure sign of poor attic insulation. They form when heat escapes through your attic and warms up your roof, causing snow to melt unevenly. Snowmelt can then flow toward the edges of your roof and refreeze, creating a dam that prevents future melted snow from draining away. As water pools behind the dam, it can seep into your roof and attic, leading to serious water damage. 

Insulating and air sealing your attic is the best way to help prevent ice dams this winter. During your Mass Save home inspection, you’ll find out whether your attic is missing insulation or has air leaks so you can address them before the snow starts to fall.

Stop Cold Indoor Drafts

Does it ever feel like the wind is blowing right through your house in the winter? You probably need to air seal your home to prevent drafts from coming in through gaps and cracks in your basement or attic. A Mass Save Home Energy Assessment will show you how drafts are getting in so you can tighten up and weatherize your home before winter.

Save on Energy Efficiency Upgrades with Mass Save Rebates & Incentives

The Sponsors of Mass Save are making it easier and more affordable for Massachusetts residents to keep their homes warm and their energy costs low this winter. As a Mass Save certified home performance contractor, Neeeco can help you qualify for rebates and incentives including: 

As a local Massachusetts company, Neeeco is committed to helping residents from Andover to Quincy save on energy costs with no-cost home energy assessments and energy efficiency services.

Get your home ready for winter! Call (781) 309-7540 or contact us to schedule a no-cost home energy assessment.