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Why Are My Heating Expenses So High? 

It’s no secret that the cost of living is going up. But rising costs might not be the only culprit behind your high heating expenses. Energy efficiency issues within your home could be secretly driving up your energy usage and costing you money! In this guide, we break down the most common causes of high … Read more

Misconception Of Using Solar Power On Winter

Misconception Of Using Solar Power On Winter

There’s a common misconception that solar power is ineffective during the winter months, primarily because the days are shorter, and there tends to be more cloud cover. While it’s true that solar energy production may decrease somewhat, solar panels are far from being rendered useless during winter. Modern solar technology is designed to operate effectively … Read more

Solar Energy Shift This Winter Season

10 Reasons Why You Need A Solar Energy Shift This Winter Season

As the temperatures drop and winter blankets the landscape, the shift to solar energy might not be the first thought on your mind. However, maximizing the power of solar energy during the winter season is not only possible but also incredibly important. Let’s explore the significance of embracing solar energy when the days are shorter … Read more

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Is There a Federal Tax Credit for Heat Pumps?

Think heat pumps are too expensive? Think again! Heat pumps are not only one of the most energy efficient types of HVAC systems; they’re also more affordable than ever, thanks to new federal incentives for heat pump installation.  The heat pump tax credit is available now for heat pump and ductless heat pump installation! The … Read more

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5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Are your windows old, drafty, or inefficient? Replacing them could have a significant impact on your home’s overall energy efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, heat loss and gain through windows is responsible for 25-30% of all residential heating and cooling energy usage!  Neeeco installs energy efficient replacement windows in Massachusetts and can help … Read more

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Do Heat Pumps Work in Cold Weather?

One of the most common myths about heat pumps is that they don’t work in cold weather. This might have been true back in the 80s, but the technology behind heat pump heating and cooling systems has advanced rapidly in recent years.  Today’s cold-climate heat pumps provide energy efficient heating in temperatures as low as … Read more

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How to Save on Winter Energy Expenses

As colder temperatures roll in, many homeowners find themselves dreading their high energy expenses. The best way to save on high heating expenses is with energy efficiency improvements that keep your usage levels low! The Sponsors of Mass Save offer generous rebates* to help you make these essential improvements, including: 75-100% off insulation No-cost air … Read more

Solar Energy and Home Automation

Solar Energy and Home Automation: A Bright Partnership for Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, the marriage of renewable energy and smart home technology is not just a concept but a reality. Solar energy and home automation are joining forces to create a more efficient, sustainable, and convenient living experience. Now, we will explore how these two technologies work together to enhance energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, … Read more

Solar Energy for Off-Grid Living

Solar Energy for Off-Grid Living: Exploring the Power of Sunshine

Off-grid living is a lifestyle choice that offers freedom and independence from the conventional power grid. Whether you’re living in a remote cabin in the woods, a desert yurt, or a self-sustaining homestead, harnessing solar energy is a key solution to meet your energy needs. Now, we’ll explore the world of off-grid living and how … Read more

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Guide to Mass Save® Heating Rebates

Are you looking for ways to save on a new heating system? The Sponsors of Mass Save offer generous rebates to help Massachusetts residents install energy-efficient heating systems, including heat pumps! As a Mass Save partner, Neeeco can help homeowners like you take advantage of heating rebates. Keep reading for our guide to Mass Save … Read more

Solar Energy FAQs: Common Questions Answered for Massachusetts Residents

Solar Energy FAQs: Common Questions Answered for Massachusetts Residents

Many Massachusetts households are considering switching to solar panels as solar energy’s acceptance as a sustainable and clean energy source grows. But it’s understandable to have concerns about how solar energy functions, its advantages, and how it pertains to your particular area. For residents of Massachusetts, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions … Read more

Solar Energy Tax Credits and Incentives

Solar Energy Tax Credits and Incentives: What You Need to Know

Solar energy use has increased in recent years as more people and businesses look for greener, cleaner ways to power their buildings. The availability of solar energy tax credits and incentives is a key factor causing this growth. These financial advantages not only lower the cost of solar systems but also encourage the usage of … Read more