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Accessories and materials related to attic prep

To prevent any attic air leakage, the following are some of the materials (not limited to) that can be used for attic prep: 

  1. Glass or mineral fiber insulation as a backer for other sealants, meeting ASTM 665 
  2. Backer rod (preformed closed-cell foam rope) as a backer for other sealants, 
  3. 6 mil (0.l50 mm) polyethylene sheet (used for ground cover or winter-warm side application only) 
  4. Moisture permeable air-impermeable wrap material, flame spread 25 (cold side cover), 
  5. Foil/scrim/Kraft facing ignition barrier per IRC 2009 R316.5.3 
  6. Netting to hold blown insulation in an open cavity, 
  7. FSK or vinyl faced duct wrap insulation R-8 nominal 3” meeting ASTM C1290, and C1136 (facing) 
  8. Soffit ventilation air chutes for 16 or 24-inch rafter spacing ventilation air chutes must extend over existing insulation, 
  9. Insulated flex duct 4 and 6-inch diameter for exhaust fans (no tape, use 4 zip ties

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