What Is Weather-Stripping

It is a process to seal doors, windows, and trunks to: 

  • Stop the elements (water, air, etc.) from penetrating inside the building. 
  • Trap inside air from leakage, which in turn saves energy on air conditioning and heating. 

Weather-stripping requires PA approved products, following are some materials used for this process:  

  • Door, interior: Schlegel “Q-closed-cell, or equivalent other product approved by PA vendor.) 
  • Doors, exterior: Schlegel “Q-lon with carrier” or equivalent other product approved by PA vendor. 
  • Door seep air-impermeable be aluminum & vinyl. 
  • The weatherstripping will have a deflection range of at least 1/4″. 
  • Weather-stripping will remain compliant in chilly weather.

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