Insulation materials

As per the standard the following materials can be used for insulation: 

  1. Cellulose (blown-in) loose-fill insulation meeting ASTM C739, 16 CFR 1209, 1404, 
  2. Specific Cellulose ICC ES reports required for fire-rated details (e.g., ESR-1996 US Green fiber, ESR-2217 Nu-Wool) 
  3. Mineral fiber Bart and blanket insulation meeting ASTM 665, 
  4. Mineral fiber (blown-in) loose-fill insulation meeting ASTM C764, 
  5. Fiberglass wool engineered for resisting airflow to less than 3.5cfm/sq ft @50pa and tested to ASTM C522 (e.g., JM Spider, Knauf Perimeter Plus) 
  6. Rigid closed cell foam boards meeting ASTM C578, ICC ES AC12, 
  7. Specific foam board ICC ES reports required for uncovered use (e.g., NER-681 Thermax,

Rigid Fiberglass faced insulation boards meeting ASTM C553, C612, and C 1136 for facing.

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