Control the waste

What to Do: 

Collect or wrap your waste at the worksite and your work area: 

  • Collect and Control: From dust, dirty water, debris, paint chips, rags, mops to protective gears, protective sheeting, HEPA filters, respirators, gloves, architectural components, and everything exposed should be collected, cleaned, or disposed of.  
  • Wrap it up: Use heavy plastic sheeting/bags to collect, tape to secure it tightly and double layer to avoid tears. For large and heavy components, use protective sheeting to wrap them up and seal them up tightly with tape.  
  • Seal to Remove: Wrap and Seal all the waste from the work area first, before removing it. 
  • Store to Dispose: Store all the waste in a secure container or dumpster until removal.  
  • Limit: Limit on-site storage time. 
  • Closed off: Avoid transportation of waste in an open or personal vehicle. 

Dispose of Wastewater Appropriately: 

  • Ask to Dump: Never dump it down a sink, storm drain, or ground. If the local rules allow it, then filter it and dump it in a toilet. Otherwise, gather it in a drum and take it with you.  
  • Follow the Rules: Water disposal must always be subject to federal, local, and state regulations. EPA’s website has state information on solid and hazardous water disposal.

Be Aware of Waste Disposal Rules: 

  • Non-Hazardous: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) considers most residential renovation and remodeling as “routine residential maintenance”, so most waste generated during these activities is classified as solid, non-hazardous waste and should be taken to a licensed solid waste landfill. 
  • Hazardous: Likewise, EPA regards the work done in commercial, public, or other nonresidential child-occupied facilities as hazardous and requires special disposal methods.

Rules that Rule: Do not just rely on federal regulations but also review state and local regulations for waste disposal, since some of them are more stringent than the former.

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