Outside insulating lead safe rules

Lead dust can be quite unhealthy for both adults and children and requires proper precautionary measures and rules to be followed. Some jobs that produce more dust may require extra precautions. The following are lead handling measures to be followed when insulating outside: 

  • Place signs, barrier tapes, and/or cones, to keep non-workers away from the working area. Signs should be in the country’s native language. 
  • Cover the ground and any plants to at least 10 feet from the building with an impermeable barrier to catch dust or debris.  
  • Keep all doors and windows shut within 20 feet of the work area to avoid dust and debris getting inside.  
  • Close off and move/cover all play areas within the 20 feet boundary of the work area. 
  • If working is on an elevated area i.e., 2nd floor or up, then spread the sheet further out of the base of the dwelling to each side where the paint is disturbed.  
  • If the work area is more than 3 stories tall and close to a footpath, street, or property boundary, then vertical shrouding over scaffolding should be used. 
  • When the wind is strong enough to move dust and debris, then avoid work in such high winds if possible, although there is no firm rule for windy weather.  
  • TIP: you could even create a windshield of heavy sheeting at the edge of the ground cover to avoid dust and debris moving.  
  • Setup all needed tools (near your reach) on the protective sheeting to avoid any unnecessary stepping off the protective sheeting before the work is complete.

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