Safe Setup and Safety Toolkit

The work area where lead-based paint is to be applied must be separated from the rest of the home. Properly setting up the work area helps maintain cleanliness and ensure only workers are on the site. 

The work area might get contaminated during the work. Its size is based on the method used to apply lead-based paint and the expected amount of debris and dust to be generated. In all lead-based paint projects, the work area’s ground, floor, and other applicable surfaces must be protected by impermeable sheeting to prevent contamination of the home. 

The Massachusetts Lead Safe Renovation & Repair Rule necessitates covering the outdoor work areas with reusable straps and plastic sheeting (6 feet indoors and 10 feet outdoors). The area outside the work area must also be protected with the sheeting. 

The entry of unauthorized people and pets must be prohibited in the work area. Sticking warning signs and putting barriers around the work area like barrier tapes, fencing and doorways barriers, etc. can help achieve this purpose. 

Safety Toolkit

You must shop for the following tools and supplies as these make your safety toolkits. You can shop these items at hardware, paint or garden supply stores.

  • Warning signs
  • Barriers rope, fencing, or tapes
  • Traffic cones
  • Utility knife or scissor
  • Stapler
  • Tape (masking, duct, or painters)
  • Reusable straps or heavy-duty plastic sheeting

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