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Verify Work Completion With The Cleaning Verification Procedure

After work completion and all the disposal, it needs to be determined if the interior space is safe enough for reoccupation. 

  • For Regulated Renovators and Maintenance Personnel:
    • Following the RRP Rule, the Mass Save Contractor or proprietor responsible for the work done requires either a cleaning verification or clearance testing.  
    • Clearance testing is required, in the case of the housing receiving federal assistance.  
    • In case of cleaning verification, it must be performed by an EPA-certified renovator.  
    • A certified lead inspector, a certified lead risk assessor, or a certified lead technician must conduct clearance testing.  
  • Cleaning Verification Procedure:
    • Interior Work:
      • The cleaning Verification Procedure is carried out after the completion of the cleaning, and only by an EPA Certified Renovator if the renovations covered by the Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule were performed. 
      • A wet disposable cleaning cloth is used to wipe over all dust collection surfaces in the work area, which is then compared to a cleaning verification card. 
      • Dust collection surfaces include windowsills, countertops, and other large horizontal surfaces such as fireplace mantles and built-in shelving, and floors.  
      • Cleaning verification cards are available from EPA by calling the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (5323). 
    • Exterior Work:
      • Only a visual inspection for dust, paint chips, or debris is required.

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