Leaving the work area clean

The work area should be left completely clean, i.e. free from dust and debris, not only after finishing the work but also daily. 

What to do: 

As renovators, you should daily: 

  • Pick up the trash as you leave and put trash in heavy-duty plastic bags. 
  • Wash up your hands and feet every time you take a break, particularly before heading home. 
  • Do not forget to wash away your protective gear or get rid of it if you can afford to. 
  • Keep the work area separate from the rest of the home and remind the same of the occupants.  
  • Clean tools every day. 
  • As interior work: 
  • Vacuum the work area regularly during the day and at the end of the day with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum cleaner.  

As renovators, on work completion you should: 

  • Remove the plastic sheeting carefully, by misting off the dust and debris with a pump sprayer and folding it in a manner that the dirty side is inside, and secure it tightly with tape before disposing of it. 
  • Ensure all the trash and debris, including any building components, are disposed of. 
  • As interior work: 
  • Vacuum everything from walls to surfaces with a HEPA vacuum cleaner.  
  • Mist and scrub the work area with a general-purpose cleaner with a mop/rag and rinse off with water until all dirt and debris are cleaned off.  
  • Vacuum all the surfaces again once dry.  
  • Visually inspect the work area again and ensure all the dust, paint chips, and debris have been completely cleaned off. 
  • Re-clean the area thoroughly if you find any dust or debris.

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