Performance Workmanship

Performance of work as part of the Mass Save program is monitored in order to ensure that each customer receives energy-saving upgrades in a safe and professional way, including:

  • For better quality of workmanship, laborers must strictly adhere to the “workmanlike manner” (the way work is customarily done by other contractors in the community.). 
  • The work done must be performed within the state and/or federal standards/requirements for lead-safe. 
  • Work done must follow OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and other government requirements, where applicable.  
  • Weatherization work must follow BPI (Building Performance Institute) and Mass Save standards, wherever applicable. 
  • Work performed must follow not only the state’s but also the local’s code. 
  • The measures installed must strictly be in conformance with the “Work Order” (no more no less). 
  • “Work Order” may only be modified by a pre-approved “Change Order” by the PA vendor and an initial/sign-off of completion certificate by the homeowner.   
  • Any accidental damage should be recovered by acceptable repairs and is to be fared by the Mass Save Contractors within 10 working days. The PA vendor will be responsible for making a final decision for the accidental damages.  
  • The PA vendor and the client both are to be informed of any accidental damage immediately by the Mass Save Contractor.  
  • Both the property and the homeowner require respect and professionalism by the Mass Save Contractors.
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