9 Mass Save Incentives You Didn’t Know About


If you live in Massachusetts and you want to make your home more energy efficient, you should be taking advantage of the Mass Save® initiative. The Sponsors of Mass Save are transforming the way Massachusetts residents use energy by providing rebates, incentives, and financing to help you make energy efficiency upgrades that will save energy and money. 

You’ve probably heard about some of the Mass Save rebates and incentives that are available to Massachusetts residents, but you might not be familiar with all of them. Keep reading for a breakdown of some of the best Mass Save energy rebates and incentives.

Before you invest in energy efficiency upgrades like insulation and air sealing, it’s smart to have a home energy assessment completed. Energy assessments evaluate your home’s efficiency and identify the places where your home is losing the most energy so you can make the most impactful upgrades.

Mass Save Home Energy Assessments are available at no cost for qualified Massachusetts homeowners. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with a Mass Save Partner, like Neeeco, and a professional energy auditor will review your home and tell you more about the services and Mass Save incentives that will help you save.

2. Up to 100% Off Insulation

Insulating your house properly is one of the most effective ways to reduce energy loss and save money on your bills. Mass Save can help you make this important upgrade with Mass Save home insulation incentives worth 75-100% of the cost of insulation installation. Mass Save insulation rebates are available for single and multi-family homes (4 units or less) and income-eligible residents can receive up to 100% off their new insulation.

3. No-Cost Air Sealing

Air sealing is the often-overlooked cousin of insulation when it comes to home performance. It’s done by applying a sealant to all the tiny openings in your attic and basement that allow for air infiltration. This blocks air movement so outside air and temperatures can’t come in and heated or cooled air can’t leak out. The result is a significant reduction in energy loss which means better comfort and lower bills. 

Thanks to the Sponsors of the Mass Save program, you can receive—if qualified—no-cost air sealing for your Massachusetts home or rental property. Schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment with Neeeco to learn more!

4. Up to $16,000 in Heat Pump Rebates

Switching to high-efficiency mini split heat pumps has never been easier thanks to Mass Save heat pump rebates. Mass Save offers rebates up to $16,000 for mini split heat pump installation in Massachusetts so you can save energy and money with an ultra-efficient heating and cooling system.

5. Up to $100 Rebate for Smart or Programmable Thermostats

A smart or programmable thermostat will give you better control over your heating and air conditioning so you can use energy when you need it and save it when you don’t. Mass Save offers thermostat rebates to help you make this simple, energy-saving upgrade. ENERGY STAR-certified thermostats qualify for a $100 rebate per unit for up to three thermostats.

6. No-Interest Financing up to $25,000

Mass Save HEAT Loan financing can help you make major upgrades to your home’s energy efficiency. Financing is available for approved energy efficiency upgrades, including window replacement, heat pump installation, heat pump water heater installation, insulation installation, and more. In many cases, you can pair financing with rebates for the most cost-effective upgrade possible.

7. $75 Rebate Per Window for ENERGY STAR Window Installation

Replacing old, inefficient windows with ENERGY STAR windows can reduce energy loss, save you money on your utility bills every month, and make your house less drafty. Mass Save is now offering rebates to help you upgrade your windows. If you replace your old single-pane windows with triple-pane, ENERGY STAR certified windows, you can receive a $75 rebate for every window deemed eligible during your no-cost Home Energy Assessment.

8. Mass Save Appliance Rebates

Old, inefficient appliances can waste a lot of energy in your home. Upgrading to high-efficiency appliances can help you save! Mass Save offers several rebates to make it easier for you to upgrade your appliances, including: 

9. Mass Save Incentives for Renters

The Sponsors of the Mass Save initiative want to help all Massachusetts residents save money, not just those that own their home. Renters are eligible for several Mass Save incentives and can, if qualified, schedule a no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment for their unit. You’ll receive your home energy report and we can help facilitate a conversation with your landlord about making the recommended efficiency improvements to the building using Mass Save rebates and incentives.

Take advantage of Mass Save rebates and incentives for your home. Call (781) 309-7540 or self-schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment today.