Dehumidifier Recycling Incentives

You can save money by upgrading old dehumidifiers to new, energy-efficient models. The Sponsors of Mass Save offer an extra incentive with a $30 rebate when you recycle your old one! This is a better deal than paying for appliance recycling which most towns charge for.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer as follows:

  1. Determine whether your town or a nighboring one is participating in this Mass Save program.
  2. Take your dehumidifier to a recycling event.
  3. Exchange your dehumidifier for a rebate from the Mass Save representatives.
  4. Fill out the rebate application and submit it by any one of these methods:
    1. Leave it with the staff.
    2. Send through the mail.
  5. Wait 6-8 weeks before receiving a $30 rebate by mail.

These are the restrictions to the recycling incentive:

  • Only two rebates are allowed per Mass Save Sponsor redidential electric account per year.
  • Dehumidifiers must meet size requirements for residences.
  • Dehumidifiers must be working at the time they are submitted for recycling.

The incentive is that simple to get. So take advantage of this bonus when you increase your energy savings by getting a new ENERGY STAR dehumidifier.

To get started, contact us today to set up your no-cost Home Energy Assessment.

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