LED Light Bulb Rebates

Energy Star-certified LED light bulbs can help illuminate your world with discounts.

When you choose to use light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs to light your home or building, you will accrue only 10%-20% of regular energy costs compared to regular incandescent light bulbs.

Not only are they more durable and long-lasting (many can be used for 15-25 years, or even longer!), but they won’t short out or burn off out of nowhere like traditional bulbs. Instead, they will slowly start fading out after years, which will give you the time and preparation to replace with a new one without being left in the dark.

LED lightbulbs have a much smaller impact on the environment, as well, and are safer and healthier for your home as they do not emit heat or UV emissions into the air around them.

They have dimming capabilities and can withstand frequent switching to different levels of lighting or a high volume of off and on changes, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs. This can stretch the life of your bulb even longer.

LED lightbulbs also operate with a lower voltage, part of what saves on energy costs. It is also beneficial to have this if you are in a location that is prone to light flooding, where you want to power your building with as little voltage as possible.

They can operate well in cold conditions, not needing to “warm up” or take extra time to get to full strength.

LED lightbulbs also provide directionality, with the ability to emit light only where necessary. For example, you can use LED bulbs in recessed lighting and they only emit at 180°, which saves energy and power!

If you would like to receive LED lightbulbs at no cost to you, you might be able to qualify through the Income Eligibility Program.

For further information regarding details of the program and the specific rebates offered for qualifying equipment, contact us today to set up your no-cost Home Energy Assessment.

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