What Are The Available Mass Save Rebates?

The state of Massachusetts is offering to help fund your appliance purchase. Stop paying the cost of operating old appliances and buy new ones.

The Mass Save energy program offers rebates and incentives on energy-efficient solutions for the home. Let’s explore some potential benefits you may be eligible for through Mass Save.

What Is Mass Save?

Massachusetts Save (Mass Save) is a partnership of oil and gas companies offering to provide energy-efficient upgrades. The Mass Save energy program was created to help MA resident homeowners, renters, and landlords save money and energy.

Customers of company sponsors participating in Mass Save could be eligible for program rebates and incentives. Energy and cost savings from the program are waiting for you to claim them.

Begin the process of claiming your energy savings. All you need is a no-cost home energy assessment from a program partner Mass Save to determine eligibility. The team at New England Energy Efficiency Company (NEEECO) is available to help.

Applying for the Mass Save program is easy. Either apply online or download and mail in the completed form. Visit www.MassSave.com/Rebates and fill out the application form.

What Are The Mass Save Rebates and Incentives?

Identifying how your home is wasting energy is the first step toward finding energy-efficient opportunities in your residence. With that knowledge, set off to discover energy-saving products.

Schedule a no-cost home energy assessment to find the best ways to secure lower home energy expenses. Specific rebates and incentives are different for each homeowner so obtain your personalized energy report to get started.

Potential savings depend on your home’s energy evaluation and subsequent energy-efficient improvements. Improvements to the areas of your home listed below provide energy and cost savings for eligible Mass Save program participants: 

Heating and Cooling
  • ENERGY STAR Certified programmable thermostats
  • Electric Heating and Cooling
  • Electric heat pump water heaters
  • Gas Heating and Water Heaters
  • Oil Heating and Water Heaters
  • Propane Heating and Water Heaters
Lighting and Appliances
Building or Renovating a Home
  • New Construction Single-Family Homes
  • New Construction Multi-Family Homes
  • Renovations and Additions for single and multi-family homes

You may also qualify for a heat loan at 0% financing.

Reducing your home’s energy consumption lowers energy bills and helps you to live in comfort. Improvements providing the most energy savings include insulation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and solar. NEEECO offers all of those services for you.

Who Is Eligible for Mass Save?

To apply for your no-cost home assessment you must be a customer of a Mass Save energy program sponsor. You need also to live in a 1 to 4 unit dwelling.

Your eligibility for some Mass Save rebates and incentives depends on your home assessment. The assessment provides a customized energy report for your home and recommends energy-saving products.

Apply and Mass Save

If the Mass Save energy program sounds beneficial to you, explore your energy-saving options. Let the state of Massachusetts’ rebates and incentives help you with the costs.

Take time today to schedule your Mass Save home assessment and begin the process of claiming your home savings.